Symbiotech Aquaponics

Small business logo

The owner of this small aquaponics business needed a logo with which to brand the products he grows for local restaurnts in the area. DW was given a rough sketch of what the client wanted and followed his almost directly. This doesn't always work well as many clients want their logo to say too much, so they try and combine a multitude of images and symbols. This is where the designer's expertise ususally comes in to help the client create an identity that looks professional. In this case the client had a very straightforward idea of how to combine the three elements that make up his business. The concept worked so it only had to be executed and refined over another day or two.

Here's what the client got:

  • Personalised design based on client's concept
  • A clean and recognizable logo that represents the elements of the business
  • A vibrant colour palette
  • Online promotional material
  • Various sized .JPG and .PNG files both with and without a transparent background
  • CMYK print-ready file for printing stickers

Another professsional graphic design project completed by DW.

Rough idea sketch by client to initial design concept

Another professsional graphic design project completed by DW.

Final logo